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Becoming a Thermo partner means benefiting from a privileged member space with exclusive content: the Thermo communication kit (sales sheet, brochure, poster, roll-up, e-mail signature and social network publication), access to our Chorus software (the rationing software for precision nutrition in ruminants) and ThermoPlan (a tool that allows you to retrieve weather data from the last 5 years with a visualization of THI).

By becoming a Thermo distributor, you will benefit from a greater visibility on our dedicated map. You will also benefit from the support of our sales and technical teams. Contact us to take advantage of all these benefits offered by our partner program!

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It is important for CCPA to support its community of distribution partners. Our goal is to provide our end customers, whether they are feed manufacturers or farmers, with a guarantee of quality service and support.


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Are you a CCPA and/or Deltavit referenced distributor ?
We provide you with free communication supports dedicated to the Thermo campaign. Download them now!


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The Chorus software is the first rationing software for ruminants to directly integrate the nutrition parameters adapted to this context for a better thermal comfort and to guarantee the performance of the animals.


CCPA Group has developed a unique tool to anticipate heat waves. Based on weather history, ThermoPlan can predict the susceptibility to heat stress for livestock around the globe.