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Pigs are particularly sensitive to heat stress. Their thermoregulation mechanisms are limited and even brief heatstrokes can have a major impact on their performance. In this context, CCPA Group proposes dedicated solutions which not only promote zootechnical performances, but also the comfort and well-being of pigs in the presence of heat waves.

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ThermoControl is intended for incorporation in compound feeds to combat chronic heat stress in pigs and sows. It improves their comfort during hot periods and to maintain their zootechnical performance. 

ThermoPig is more intended for directincorporation at the farm over short periods, and is particularly adapted to help the comfort of lactating sows. 

It improves their comfort during hot periods and to maintain zootechnical performance. 


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Our advice

Find out here what the impacts of heat stress are on pigs and what practical preventive measures you can put in place on your farm to reduce the consequences for pigs.

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Solutions produits Thermo porc

Thermo® solutions for pigs

To counteract the adverse effects of heat and humidity on pigs, the CCPA Group has developed ThermoControl. This specific solution is based on a complex of carefully selected natural active ingredients with a synergistic effect.

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Consequences of heat stress on pigs

Heat peaks can have a big impact on your pigs on the farm. Discover all our advice to fight against heat stress in pigs.

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April 11, 2022

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  • Group of pig farmers

    Czech Republic

    “We used Thermo®Control to ensure the thermal comfort of our sows. Tested on nearly 10,700 sows during the summer, without changing the nutritional values of the feed and without taking any particular measures, results were immediately observed.”

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