Why use ThermoControl®?

Managing heat stress is a real economic issue in the pig sector. Episodes of hot weather are becoming more frequent, intense and difficult to predict (Ouzeau et al., 2016).The consequences are numerous: increased mortality, lower weight and quality of carcasses, lower fertility

How it works

To overcome the harmful effects of heat and ambient humidity in pigs, the CCPA Group has developed ThermoControl.
ThermoControl acts on the consequences of heat stress. It strengthens the natural systems involved against heat stress, offsets bicarbonate and stimulates ingestion.
ThermoControl thus ensures animal comfort and welfare and therefore optimises milk-producing performance in sows and growth in fattening pigs.

Supporting evidence

Proven efficacy in sows

Field Trial, Vietnam, 2017

Proven efficacy in fattening pigs

Field Trial, Vietnam, 2017

Did you know?

  • Pigs hardly perspire. Since they cannot use this mechanism to dissipate excess heat, they are very sensitive to high temperatures.
  • Modern genetics are particularly efficient. However, they are also more sensitive to heat stress.
  • The heat stress tolerance threshold varies according to the physiological stage.
  • The heavier the animals are, the more sensitive they are to excessive temperatures.

Composition and instructions

Active ingredients

  • Spices (including capsaïcine)
  • Antioxidants
  • Buffer substance

Usage recommandation

  • Feed incorporation in continuous during periods of constant or chronic heat stress