Testimony of Laurent Fleury


Laurent Fleury distributes ThermoPlus to support the success of its Artificial Inseminations during the summer period (August). He shares his experience with us.

His testimony

“Since I’ve been using ThermoPlus, my goats can tolerate heat better. They continue to eat and their milk production drops less. I’m not the only one to have noticed changes, two experienced inseminators were surprised to see my goats so little out of breath! I am fascinated with this product: 91% of AI are successful. I am already planning to use ThermoPlus next year!”

Presentation of the breeding

  • Laurent Fleury – Thénezay (79) 238 goats
  • 1160 kg of milk per goat VG : 39,8
  • TP: 34.4
  • 1.2 million cells
  • 168 € net margin per goat 65-day drying period starting in November
  • 70 Ha of cultivation

The rations distributed

  • Sainfoin in wrapping, 52% DM in 1st cut
  • Alfalfa hay + Barley (200 g)
  • Whole grain corn (450 g) Concentrate: Flora at 26% protein
  • Dehydrated alfalfa