Testimony of Olivier Traineau

Olivier Traineau

Olivier Traineau, a breeder of laying hens in Maine-et-Loire testifies about his practices and his trial on the new Delta® Thermo Poultry product.

His testimony

“In case of high temperatures, I distribute food earlier in the morning and later in the evening, around 9-10pm. The cyclic light program is adapted accordingly. I turn the light on from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to midnight. I wanted to test the new Delta® Thermo Poultry nutritional solution. I observed that my outdoor hens showed improved behaviour, they were more vigorous, more mobile with fewer visible signs of heat stress. I also did not have any big dips in feed intake like the first heat stroke in week 22/23. On site 1, the effects of the product were less obvious. But the building is very well ventilated! Compared to the control building, mortality was reduced by 1.38 points over the observation period. In general, there was less weight loss, so the animals recovered more quickly after the heat stroke. Weight maintenance is very important! Delta® Thermo Poultry can be used in drinking water, which allows you to be reactive in case of heat stroke.”

Presentation of the breeding

  • CLRC ovals
  • Olivier TRAINEAU
  • Maine-et-Loire (49)
  • Laying hen rearing on two sites
  • Site 1: 120,000 caged hens. 2 buildings: 80,000 and 40,000. Dynamic tunnel ventilation. 1 building of 40 000 outdoor
  • Site 2: 20,000 outdoor hens. Static ventilation.

Test protocol

  • Trial period: June-July 2019
  • Product : Delta® Thermo Poultry
  • Protocol: distribution week 26 and 29
  • Follow-up between weeks 26 and 30
    • Site 1: distribution on the building 40,000 hens (70 weeks old) – Control: half of the 80,000 hens building at site 1.
    • Site 2: site-wide distribution without a control (on 62-week-old hens).